Cranberry, Wexford, Allison Park and Gibsonia Lot Clearing

Hiring a company to clear your lot or wooded area without the proper equipment and expertise can be a very costly mistake.  Most heavy-equipment and land clearing companies do not possess the knowledge or ability to assist in preserving the trees within the lot being cleared or along the perimeter.  To the contrary, NHTS is a highly-skilled and experienced residential tree company with the personnel and equipment to meet all your tree care needs.  With whole tree chippers, industrial stump grinders, an array of heavy equipment, and most importantly a forestry mulcher you can ensure you’re in capable hands.  We grind out all the stumps and roots after the trees are removed in order to minimize further excavation costs that are unexpectedly over budget. Furthermore, our final clean-up is performed with a forestry-mulcher that pulverizes the fine debris to help initiate the composting process that will help preserve the integrity of your topsoil.  We do it the right way the first time so you can focus on the next step of your endeavor.


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