North Hills Tree Service is the area’s most-skilled tree removal experts. Our accomplished crew is trained, experienced, and has all of the equipment necessary to remove trees of any size safely, efficiently, and affordably. NHTS does not bring in subcontractors. 

After removing a tree, many people stop with cutting the tree stump low to the ground. In fact, many local tree companies don’t offer such a service, leaving you with the burden of dealing with it later.  Stumps and exposed roots can be a tripping hazard and aesthetically unpleasing.

North Hills Tree Service is one of Pittsburgh’s most highly skilled tree pruning companies.  Our experienced climbers prune trees according to ANSI A300 standards and are diligent about disinfecting our tools and using techniques that preserve the integrity of your trees. 

NHTS is a highly-skilled and experienced residential tree company with the personnel and equipment to meet all your tree care needs.  With whole tree chippers, industrial stump grinders, an array of heavy equipment, and most importantly a forestry mulcher you can ensure you’re in capable hands.

North Hills Tree Service owns two cranes with the capability of performing small or large jobs.  We are properly insured and our operators are experienced and ANSI and OSHA certified.  Our bucket truck is certified and we have operators with EHAP certifications.

High winds and storms can cause havoc with trees.  Have an emergency?  Call North Hills Tree Service.

NHTS’s owner has been fine-tuning his skills and techniques on heavy equipment for over three decades and will personally complete your project. Experience, efficiency, the right equipment is essential when considering the right company for your project.

If you wish to reclaim overgrown areas of your property or need to maintain non-landscaped parts of your property, then North Hills Tree Service is the company for you.  NHTS has attachments capable of mowing down overgrown brush on both low pressure track machines and tire-driven tractors.  We have the ability to mow areas in excess of 100 acres.

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